With the MSBO Cooperative Bus Purchasing website, you can:

  • Create a detailed bus specification,
  • Compare prices from vendors in real-time,
  • And send purchase requests

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Expand your business through access to the educational markets of Central Michigan.

  • Provide confidential, sealed bids
  • Work directly with customers in creating specifications
  • Receive all purchase requests in the same format
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Welcome to the MSBO Bus Purchase Program.

Complete step-by-step instructions are available on the "Documentation" link above.

  • First time: Click on "Request your account now". Fill in the required fields and provide your district's 5-digit MDE code. (If you do not know it, contact Erin Rommeck or Scott Little at MSBO). The system will email you a password.
  • Subsequent visits: Enter your e-mail and password.

After logging in, select "Specifications" from the purchase drop-down menu.

Select "Create New", select type of bus from "Product Category", (i.e., Conventional) and passenger size from "Product" menu. Add any comments you'd like in the description box. This can help you identify your bus when you come back, if you should want to build multiple versions. Click "continue".

Select the chassis and body options you want.

A box which provides a running subtotal of all dealers' prices appears as you scroll down the page.

There are two scroll bars that you will use to access the entire program, one on the far right and one at the bottom of the page.

When you have selected all your options, click on the "Export" button. It creates an Excel spreadsheet that you can save and/or print. You may want to reduce some column widths and make the sheet landscape to allow for easier viewing after printing. Click "continue"

As you move through the program it will lead you through dealer negotiated options, price comparisons, final vendor selection and purchasing.